Areas of CompetenceKnow more about what ISM is doing.

  • Information Systems Management

    Application of IT to support the major functions and activities of organizations.

    @ Information Systems Success Factors.

    @ Information Systems Governance.

    @ Innovation Management in Information Systems.

    @ Information Systems Alignment.

  • Next generation Information Systems

    Artificial Intelligence Tools in commercial Information Systems; Cloud, Semantic & Social technologies.

    @ Applied Intelligence in Organizational Settings.

    @ Big Data Approaches.

    @ Intelligent Recommender Systems.

    @ The evolving role of IS in the learning organization.

  • Software, Services and Systems Process Improvement

    Standards. methods and models concerned with improvement in IT.

    @ Improvement Standards and Models.

    @ Industry Specific Practices.

    @ Improvement and Diversity.

  • Emergent approaches to Software Development

    Agile, Lean & Global Software Development.

    @ Global Software Development.

    @ Outsourcing, Offshoring, Nearshoring and Rightsourcing.

    @ Agile & Lean Software Development.

    @ DevOps & DevSecOps.

  • Professional Aspects of Computing

    Professionalism, group dynamics and psychology, and communication skills.

    @ IT Profession.

    @ IT Sector.

    @ IT Competences.

    @ IT Education.

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