ISM Ph.D. ProgramISM is linked with top Ph.D. programs.

ISM Ph.D. Program

ISM is constantly looking for postgraduates in Information Systems, Software Engineering, Computer Science or related subjects interested in getting a Ph.D. This program is linked to several programmes in Europe including:

    >> Computer Science and Technology Ph.D. program offered by Computer Science Department at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain.
    >> Computer Science Ph.D. program at Faculty of Computer Science and Management at Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland.
    >> Communication, Information & Technology in the Network Society offered by UAH MediaLab at Universidad Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain.
    >> Education in the Knowledge Society offered by Universidad de Salamanca, Spain.

Candidates should possess good knowledge in one or several areas relevant for ISM shown in Competence Page. Contact information is available here.

Ph.D. Concept

ISM provides an advanced education in the interdisciplinary fields of Information Systems Management, Project Management and Software Engineering issues. For students working towards a doctoral degree, ISM offers continuing education opportunities, close supervision by team leaders and direct contact with academia and publication ambients.

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